Fisher's - Fashion since 1967
Founded in 1967 as a knitting accessory business by Ernst and Helga Fischer, the shop in the 3rd district, Fasangasse 14, quickly became one of the first boutiques in Vienna, at that time still under the fantasy name "Boutique Petra". The fashion influence of that time was primarily London (Mary Quant, Twiggy et al.), from which much of the assortment was imported.
"Mrs. Fishers Shop "was born. In time branches were opened in the 1st, 3rd and 21st district, only to concentrate the enterprise on the location Wien 1. in the late nineties, now under "Fisher's".
In 2004, the next generation, Manuela and Ernst Fischer jun., became aware of a then unknown German designer and began to distribute Philipp Plein in his second season as a fashion designer. The brands success in 2010 led to the opening of the second Philipp Plein Monostore worldwide (after Monte Carlo).
Today we operate 2 Philipp Plein Monostores (Vienna and Vienna Junior), a multi-brand store in Vienna and since 2011 and 2015 now 2 multi-brand stores in Velden / Wörthersee. For the near future, we can still guarantee a great deal of news in a sector that is as mobile and dynamic as the fashion business.
FISHER'S - Fashion since 1967
FISHERS'S by the Sea - Velden Am Corso
FISHER'S by the Sea - Velden Europaplatz